Welcome to Brick and Barley, A Neighborhood Bar, the brainchild of Spike TV’s Hottest Show Bar Rescue and Legendary host, Jon Taffer. Bar Rescue spent a week in January revamping Baseline Sports Bar into Brick and Barley, A Neighborhood Bar. New lighting, flooring, furniture and stone décor give Brick and Barley the feel that Taffer was going for; “Once I heard you speaking German to your K9s I thought THAT’S what we need here….the feel of a nice, upscale pub in Germany”. Bar owner, AJ Hunter was not thrilled when Taffer mentioned a German theme, “ I was definitely worried, I thought, I don’t know a thing about German food or German culture…..people think I speak German but my joke is I speak German Shepherd…..I spend most days repeating 3 words in German, sit, wait, and here”. Hunter was concerned about any changes to the name or concept, “we’ve been Baseline Sports Bar for so long, I’m not sure how to be anything else……I guess the real punch in the gut was when I saw the Bar Rescue crew walking in with crowbars…..there was a wood paneling under the bar and one of the guys just shoved a crowbar under that wood to yank it off…..it made this CRACK sound and I thought…..oh lord, what have I done?......even though so much of Baseline had become a hot mess, it was my hot mess ….I was glad I wasn’t allowed to stay to watch the teardown, that initial punch in the gut was enough”. Secrecy is the holy grail of Bar Rescue and 36 hours later, Hunter and her crew were blindfolded and standing outside in the parking lot. “Nervous?, that’s an understatement, I was terrified…..I think I was literally shaking…..I was so afraid I was going to take off that blindfold and my bar was going to be named Der Wienerschnitzel……..when I saw the Brick and Barley sign, I almost cried tears of joy AND relief……I loved it……we ‘ve always been a neighborhood bar and keeping that identity was so important to me…..and the name Brick and Barley?.....I loved it…. it fit us perfectly”



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